I’ve just turned 40 and wanted to mark the occasion by doing something special without putting on a full scale party. I am a primary school teacher, a mum of three and my husband is a paramedic so time is precious. That’s why I called Carlin Creative.

I had seen photographs on social media of an Easter display they had created for a children’s party and loved it. It was fresh and spring like; using a vivid green and yellow checked tablecloth, lots of tulips, coloured Easter eggs and a centrepiece made from a clear Perspex bowl containing a garland of fairy lights and pastel coloured butterflies that appeared to be suspended in mid-air. It was beautiful and a big hit on Facebook.

I didn’t really know what I wanted other than giving Carlin Creative a brief to do something tasteful and in a theme of black and gold.

After visiting the RajPut Indian Restaurant, where my event was being held, Carlin Creative advised using a theme of purple and gold to blend in with the décor.

What they produced was breath taking; detailed and handcrafted table centerpieces reminiscent of Days of the Raj with suspended candles and bowls of flowers using a colour palette of royal purples, emerald green and burnished gold to produce something truly stand out and unique.
Everyone loved it. It was an effortless process that made my guests feel valued and welcome, and making the occasion all the more special for me.


I’m a tax consultant with a busy life, four boys and an Italian Au Pair. I didn’t want to let my 40th birthday go without marking it in some sort of way but didn’t have the time to give it much thought.

I had experience of Carlin Creative Events before having attended a 60th birthday party they had organised for a friend who is a keen aviator at Ards Flying Club. I loved the attention to detail and how creative they had been in putting our friend, as well as his passion for all things flying, at the heart of the event.  

There were many impactful touches. Each table had a centre piece lit and designed to create the illusion of a plane floating above the clouds and suspended among the stars and planets. Guests were also given a build-your-own-glider aeroplane kit. It brought out the inner child and was a brilliant ice-breaker. It’s moments like this, full of laughter and light aircraft that makes for great memories and an unforgettable night.

Carlin Creative designed my own dinner party around my passion for cycling using the colours of Killinchy Cycling Club in a tasteful and understated way. A black table cloth was offset by white table couture, orange candelabras and floral displays made from striking gerberas and of all things, floating tangerines!

And the star of the show; specially sourced vintage bicycles. It surprised and delighted everyone including me and got my 40’s off to a swinging start. Carlin Creative’s approach makes everyone feel that bit extra special.