Corporate Events

Dress to impress

Boring boardrooms and dull dining spaces are transformed from the mundane into something really special. At Carlin Creative, we take a standard room and elevate it into an exciting event environment and a stunning showcase for your products and services. This package is designed to impress your CEO, make you and your brand stand out from the crowd, create a talking point out of an otherwise unremarkable venue, free up your time and leave you, your clients and customers feeling like VIP’s.

Engage is the rage

Successful organizations know the value and importance of attracting and retaining the right talent. Carlin Creative run remarkable away days and weekend events guaranteed to motivate staff and ward of Monday morning-itis. Money can’t buy positive word-of-mouth marketing begins with your employees so you can’t really afford not to engage them. How about trying out surfing lessons, an island retreat or a shack on a beach for starters? We provide exceptional experiences and locations for our clients and will cast the net as wide as it takes to find you the right activities and venues.

Love to Launch It

Carlin Creative aims to be the best in the business when it comes to Full Service Event Planning and Corporate launches. We team up with top chefs, artists, stylists and entertainers to create captivating signature events where no detail is over looked. We layer each celebration with amazing, sights, sounds, tastes and clever touches elevating brands to a whole new level while allowing each client an exceptional event experience. From curtains up to lights out, we will be with you all the way, managing everything from your risk assessment to your ride home.

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Full Service Planning

Full Service Event Planning includes, concept and development of the event, creative guidance throughout the process, liaison with vendors and location, budget and invitation management and pre-production, including menu planning, event design, entertainment, lighting and printing.