Donald Steel,

former BBC Director of Communications

Carlin Creative Events and Communications has been founded by my friend and former colleague Una Carlin. She has worked in many different creative senior marketing communications roles, at Channel 4 Television,  ITV and most recently the BBC in Northern Ireland and the English Regions. While she has spent most of that time promoting and protecting corporate reputation, she has a natural flare, personal interest and passion in putting on a good show. I know because, I have been at them. She is a warm and gifted hostess and likes nothing better than taking a table setting, a private room in a restaurant or an undressed, empty venue and using her unique talent and excellent taste to elevate it into something really special. Whether it’s for private or corporate clients, I have no doubt Carlin Creative will produce unique experiential events that are either highly personal to or brand building for clients. Una has the project management skills, vision, creative flare and marketing communications capability to make something remarkable out of her new business. I wish her the very best of luck in her new venture.

Gillian Creevy,

CEO Cancer Fund for Children

In some little way, I can take credit for the idea behind Carlin Creative. It started at a Christmas lunch Una hosted to thank us at Cancer Fund for Children for our business. She had been doing some excellent communications consultancy work for us around Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. And during last year’s Irish Open, she secured lots of coverage including a Belfast Telegraph front page cover of Rory McIlroy taking a selfie with Riverdance, during his Foundation’s benefit event at our fabulous Daisy Lodge. When we (Liz Osborne our Director of Services) and I arrived for lunch it became immediately apparent that Una is probably Northern Ireland’s cross between Kirsty Allsop and Nigella Lawson. From the tree to the table settings, food and choice of music, every single detail was attended too making us feel special and very, very welcome. This got us talking about following your dreams and doing what you are passionate about in life. And here we are today with the launch of Carlin Creative. I have no doubt it will be a success

Peter Grimsdale,

former Channel 4 Senior Executive

Una Carlin of Carlin Creative worked with me during my time at Channel 4 as Commissioner of History, Religion and Features programming. Her work on our projects was exceptional. She was extremely tenacious and determined in getting us really excellent national and local publicity for our programmes and has a natural eye for what makes a story or how to angle a promotion. She is great to work with and an expert in running events, projects and press conferences. I can still recall Channel 4’s delight at the ‘Channel Fortean’ front page story she secured in the Daily Mail during her promotion of Fortean TV; one of our more unusual series about the paranormal. Whether, it is generating publicity, running a press conference or an opinion former event, Una assesses each project on merit, sets the direction of travel and always delivers great results. I wish her every success in this next chapter.